Welcoming Speeches from Pop-Culture Community

Shadab Shayeree Ahmed


Pop culture Critic, Cosplayer, Cosmaker

Founder – AniFinity – 1st Bangladeshi Anime Cosplay & T-Shirt Shop


‘A long time ago back in 2012 I had a dream to inspire local talent to make Bangladeshi manga. 2 years later I closed down the project after unsuccessful campaigns. But Manga Stage took my once old dream and is making it a success. As an avid anime and manga addict nothing would make me happier then to see our local talent making international class manga.’





Kaisar Kabir


Content Manager, Radio Jockey

Anchor of the show Named “Limited Edition”- First “International Pop Culture” related show of Bangladesh from Radio Dhol


‘For me, Manga Stage is a matter of pride for the Bangladeshi pop culture scene. I never imagined that an online manga portal in Bengali language would ever happen. But these 2 super sisters, Shantona & Shantuma, from the planet ‘Talenturiam’ has made it possible. I hope they never stop working on it. But I also hope they don’t overwork which they do all the time! Always best wishes and love for this rocking duo.’